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Why Replace Old Windows With Double Glazing?

Double glazing is the process of sealing two panes of glass together with a layer of air or gas in between.

Double glazing Wellington homes maximise their thermal insulation, making homes 50-70% warmer in winter, and also keeping homes cooler in summer.

In older style character homes, new and existing colonial and lead lighting windows can be double glazed.

There is a host of benefits to installing double glazed windows! These include:

Keeps the Home Warm in Winter

Double glazed windows insulate your home against Wellington winters, by helping to stop the heat from escaping to outside.

Insulates Against the Heat in Summer

In summer double glazing stops the heat outside from coming in through the windows.

Keeps Electricity Prices Down

Timber double glazing as well as aluminum double glazing puts your home at a more comfortable temperature. You use less heating and air-conditioning thus reducing your electricity bills.

Reduces Noise

Doubled glazed windows are essentially three layers of sound protection rather than just one. The gap in between the layers also contributes to eliminating noise. A single sheet of glass allows much of the outside noise inside.

Reduces Condensation

Condensation in winter can occur as a result of air condensing on the colder surface of a single pane of glass. Double glazing Wellington houses can help to stop this problem in all rooms including bathrooms.

Great for Resale

When selling your property the insulation benefits, reduced electricity costs, noise reduction, and reduced condensation are all factors that prospective buyers like to see, making for a quicker sale.

Double glazing is great for insulation, noise reduction, keeping your electricity costs down and eliminating condensation. It is a selling point when you are looking to sell the property. Your existing window design can remain intact if you choose. It is perfect for colonial double glazing, timber double glazing, older character homes, and also for lead lighting style windows. To know more about double glazing services, Contact Us!