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Installation & Repairs

Absolute Glass services all glass installations, from exterior-facing panes to interior decorative and functional glass work.

We are exacting in our work and have the skills with glass to update, repair and put right any faulty installations or damage.

Interior glass maintenance

Don’t leave insecure glass where it forms a safety feature, such as a balustrade, loose shower barrier or bannister. Glass, when properly installed and fixed firmly is very safe. But if it’s been incorrectly installed or if the fittings that hold it in place are weak or don’t work, it can present a real danger to your family.

Absolute Glass can inspect and quote on any glass fitting that you may feel uneasy about. Even if we show them to be safe, it’s worth it for the peace of mind.

Exterior maintenance

Glass doesn’t leak – unless it’s cracked. It’s what holds the glass into your frames that matters. You should regularly inspect the state of the putty, fittings and fasteners that are in place to hold the glass securely and note signs of wear and weathering.

Refastening loose glass is a small job. The expensive work happens if you leave it unattended for some years and let damp through into the structure of the house. Then, it can be a construction job, not a small patch that you’ll need.

Absolute Glass can inspect your exterior glass fittings to ensure weather-tightness and safety. We can suggest upgrades or small tweaks to make the glass tight against Wellington’s weather, and protect the value of your home.

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