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About Us

John Mortensen - Absolute Glass Wellington

We call on 20-years’ experience when you call on us.

We repair damaged glass, install new glazing and specialise in double-glazing.

John Mortensen owns and operates Absolute Glass and John’s hands-on – literally.

John assesses, costs and quotes all Absolute Glass’ work. John either completes or supervises each glazing job to confirm that new glass is installed to top trade standards. John brings the same expertise when replacing damaged glass.

Glass plus workmanship

Glass doesn’t leak – it’s the precision of the cut, sealing and sealant that make the job. Water seepage around the edges of a hastily or sub-standard glazing opens your frame to long-term deterioration and, eventually, rot. It might not show up this year but it will show up as a costly repair one day.

John Mortensen

John Mortensen has customers across Greater Wellington who have had years of satisfaction with the work of Absolute Glass.

John’s trading name changed from After Hours Glass to its current Absolute Glass some years back. The quality stayed at the top of its class.

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