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Double glazing describes a double set of glass panes in your windows.

When Absolute Glass installs double glazing, home owners immediately benefit whether the weather’s warm or cold.

Cool in summer, warm in winter

In winter, double glazed windows keep heat inside your rooms and reduce or eliminate condensation.

In summer, they help keep excessive heat outside.

The sandwich of double panes of glass either has an inert gas between or a vacuum, to prevent heat transfer.

Reduce street noise

And regardless of whether the weather’s hot or cold, double glazing deadens street noise.

Absolute Glass install double glazing into new builds and existing homes. We can adapt your wood-framed older or double-hung windows to keep the character of your house. It will look the part but be air and heat tight.

At Absolute Glass, we assure a quality workmanship that will not only serve your purposes but also increase the value of your home. Our glazing specialist are available for double glazing installation services in & around Lower Hutt, Wellington.

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