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Why Choosing a Glass Splash Back is the Best Option for Your Kitchen?

Glass splashbacks provide your kitchen protection against splashes and spills. They look great and are easy to clean. There is a wide range of options available, and glass splash backs are fully customisable. Choosing a glass splash back really is the best option for your kitchen in New Zealand and overseas.

Stylish Appearance

A glass splashback gives your home a modern finish and look and will suit any décor. We offer a range of glass splashbacks Wellington and Lower Hutt areas. There is a wide selection of colours, shapes, patterns and sizes available to suit every kitchen. Coloured glass reflects light, so a splashback will consequently add a lot of colour and light to your NZ kitchen.

Easy to Customise

Glass splashbacks can be easily customized to suit the shape of your kitchen. Holes for taps and plugs can be drilled, and both standard or non-standard sizes of glass splash back are available.

Flexibility to Suit Your Budget

If you are sticking to a tight budget you can save money by using splashbacks on a smaller area of the kitchen. For example, if your splashback is only installed on the stove area, it will be much cheaper than if you covered the entire wall.

Easy Maintenance

Glass splashbacks are easy to care for. They are very durable and there is no grout or mould to worry about – the glass can be quickly and easily cleaned with a wet cloth. As well as a backdrop glass splashbacks are terrific as a surface for cooking and chopping. They are clean and also heat resistant. If you put hot pans on toughened glass it will not crack or dent.

 A glass splash back will add value to your home which is great news whether you are living in the home or planning to sell. They are versatile and can protect your walls against spills and also are ideal for preparing meals on. For all glass splashbacks Wellington areas as well as Glass repairs Lower Hutt, and any other glazier needs, contact us today at Absolute Glass.