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Why Glass Splashbacks are a Great Idea for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Glass splashbacks create a modern aesthetic look when used in the kitchen and bathroom areas. There are so many different colours, patterns and types of glass available that you are sure to create a look that is unique, striking and eye-catching when you use splashbacks. As an experienced glazier lower Hutt and Wellington regions, we find that splashbacks are ideal in the kitchen and bathroom because:

They Make Cleaning Easy

Splashbacks can be easily wiped down and will protect your walls from water, food, oil and spills. There is no grouting on splashbacks to clean. Splashbacks are much easier to clean than tiles. Your kitchen will be hygienic and always look sparkling and fresh.

They Are Modern

Splashbacks are trendy items that are both practical and functional. When choosing glass splashbacks Wellington and Lower Hutt residents have a choice of many designs, colours and patterns, as well as custom designs for a unique look.

Heat Resistant

The glass on our splashbacks is heat resistant. This makes them safe, and ideal for use in kitchens. They can be utilised behind ovens and as chopping boards, and you can even rest hot spots on them safely.

Light Reflective

Glass splashbacks bring light into a room as the light reflects off them. It will make your kitchen and bathroom areas seem lighter and brighter.

Cost Effective

When you wish to modernise your kitchen and bathroom, adding a splashback is a simple and economical way to update these rooms.


Splashbacks come in many shapes and sizes. You can run them along an entire wall or just on the part of the wall – for example in the cooking area of your kitchen.

Splashbacks will brighten and update your home easily and economically. Our products are long lasting, durable and heat resistant. For quality glass splashbacks, Wellington and Lower Hutt contact us. We specialise in glass splashbacks, glazing and double glazing Lower Hutt and Wellington areas.