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Why is it Important to Use a Glass Professional When Replacing the Glass in your House?

Replacing the glass in your house is quite technical. While doing it yourself is possible it is not advisable. New Zealand glaziers have the knowledge on what type of glass is best to use for each window in your home and the correct sizing to use. They also have the experience to install the glass quickly and easily – without it breaking! When you need glass repairs, Lower Hutt and Wellington area contact us at Absolute Glass.

It is important to use a glass professional when replacing glass as:

  • It is quite difficult to replace glass yourself. The process is fiddly, and there is some technical knowledge required.
  • You need to know what type of glass to use. Reflective glass, filled glass, double glazed, plywood, temp or coated glass may be best suited to your home, for example. As professionals in glass and window repairs Wellington and Lower Hutt areas we are experts in glass selection and can save you time and money when replacing the glass.
  • Certain types of glass are needed for different kinds of windows.
  • There are different insulation factors to consider with various types of glass
  • There may be multiple types of glass in your house
  • The installation process requires fitting the glass panes into very tight spaces. It is effortless to break the glass while installing it.
  • The Glass is dangerous, and it is easy to cut yourself. Glass cuts can result in severe tendon and nerve damage. Injuries may occur to the person fitting the glass. A child or pet could also a get step or fall on broken glass before it has been moved or cleaned up properly.

For best results have glass professionally installed. We do same day installation. Having glass installed incorrectly can be dangerous as well as stressful, and expensive. Contact us for Glass repairs Wellington and Lower Hutt areas.