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5 Signs You Should Repair Your Glass

In many New Zealand homes, windows are able to be repaired rather than fully replaced. Windows suffer wear and tear and may not receive any maintenance. As professionals in glass repairs in Wellington and surrounds, and double-glazing in Wellington and surrounds, we are often asked how to tell when glass needs repair. Here are 5 signs that you should repair your glass:

  1. Your Windows are Leaking

If water is coming inside through your window, this is an obvious sign that the window needs repair. At Absolute Glass Wellington we will seal the window before the problem escalates and causes damage to your walls and the interior of your home.

  1. It Is Hard to Open or Close Your Windows

This is a sign that the glass in your window needs repair.

  1. Your Windows Become Foggy Often

This can mean that there are gaps in your windows which are letting in air. This can also cause insulation problems and leave you with a high electricity bill. If this occurs call us for window repairs in Wellington and Lower Hutt regions.

  1. Your Power Bill Has Escalated

When your power bill has increased suddenly, this may mean that cool air is getting into your home in the winter, or warm air is coming into your home in the summer via gaps in the windows. Windows need urgent repair or replacement in these circumstances.

Double glazing Wellington and Lower Hutt windows provides great insulation benefits. Installing double glazed windows will see your power bill drop dramatically. We have a 10-year guarantee on our quality double glazed units.

  1. You Are Having Heating or Cooling Problems

If your heating or cooling is ineffective, warm air may be escaping through gaps in the windows in winter. In summer, the hot air can come inside. It can be impossible for your heat pump to keep up. Organising glass repairs in Lower Hutt and Wellington through Absolute Glass will get your home back to a comfortable temperature again. For quality insulation, double glazing gives the best results.

Having fully functional windows ensures that your home is more secure and is protected from damage and your insulation is working at its peak. For same day quality glass repairs in Lower Hutt and Wellington contact us at Absolute Glass.