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Why You Need Mirror Replacement

While mirrors are mainly used to check your reflection, they are also beautiful additions to any home. A good quality mirror can make any room look larger, brighter and lighter. As specialists in mirror and glass repairs Wellington areas, we are often asked when mirrors should be replaced. Here are some reasons that you may need mirror replacement:

The Mirror is Worn or Cracked

As with all home fixtures and fittings, mirrors can become worn over time. They can become discoloured, cracked, or broken. Worn mirrors can become unsightly, and any cracks can escalate and become a real safety concern. Urgent glass repairs in Wellington homes is vital for any mirror that is worn or cracked.

Bathroom Mirrors

Your bathroom mirror is perhaps the most often used mirror in your home. It has an important job to do! If the mirror is worn it may become difficult to do every-day grooming like shaving, flossing and putting on makeup. If your mirror is worn or cracked, we can easily replace or repair it. Contact us for all your mirror and glass repairs in Wellington regions at the first sign of damage.

Damaged Bathroom Doors that Need Glass Repairs in Wellington Areas

Often mirrors are used on shower doors and bathroom cabinet doors. These doors can become damaged by water and steam over time. If the mirrors shatter while showering this can result in major injury. Custom glass repairs in Lower Hutt and Wellington homes will ensure that the mirrors on bathroom doors and cabinets are in good working order.


Always replace or repair any chipped or cracked glass or mirrors in your home. It can be incredibly dangerous for you and your family if the mirror shatters. At Absolute Glass we specialise in window repairs, glass repairs and double glazing Wellington and Lower Hutt Areas. For same day installation on all mirrors and glass repairs Lower Hutt and Wellington contact us.