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How Can Double-Glazing Enhance Your Home Security?

The process of double glazing Wellington and Lower Hutt windows involves using two planes of glass in the window with a layer of air or gas in between. Double-glazing your windows in New Zealand has a number of benefits including superior insulation benefits, increasing the value of your home …and home security.

Sturdy Window Design

The fact that there are two sturdy planes of glass rather than one makes it much more difficult for intruders to access your home through your windows.

Approximately 30% of home burglaries occur due to break-ins through open or unlocked windows. The double layer of glass that is part of the double glazing process helps to prevent intruders. Lockable handles can be installed on your windows for more security. Double glazed glass can only be removed from inside the property – it makes your home very difficult to break into.

Double Glazing Wellington Windows Deters Would be Thieves

Double glazed glass is very difficult to break due to the different temperatures within the glass pane.

Double glazing windows gives a completely different look to your home, making it obvious to thieves that the windows will not be an easy means of entry. Old windows are easy work for intruders. Double glazing Lower Hutt and Wellington windows deters intruders and greatly enhances your home security.

Double Glazing in Lower Hutt and Wellington Save You Money

Insurance companies can often lower your premium when you organize double glazing onWellington and Lower Hutt windows.

Double glazing can be done on your existing windows – there may be no need to replace your entire window. This is known as retrofit glazing.

Keep your family safe and minimise your risk of break-ins with double glazing.Contact us at Absolute Glass for standard and retrofit double glazing Lower Hutt, Wellington, and surrounding areas. Our service is fast, friendly and affordable.