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What You Need to Know About Double-Glazing

Are you considering double glazing your windows? Double glazingWellington and New Zealand homes prevent the loss or gain of heat through windows by way of an insulation barrier. It makes your house more comfortable to live in and gives your home more security. Here are some things you need to know about double glazing:

How Does Double Glazing Work?

Double glazing traps air or gas between two panes of glass. This is perfect for windows and for insulation and security. Each side of glass prevents temperature loss or gain due to the elements. There can be a difference of up to 15 degrees in temperature between a single glazed window and a double glazed window!

Double Glazing in Lower Hutt and Wellington Reduces Your Energy Bills

Simply double glazing your windows will keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. You save money on heating and cooling costs. You are also helping the environment by using natural insulation and reducing your electricity usage.

R Ratings and Building Code Requirements

An R rating is given to windows New Zealand. The higher the R rating is, the more energy efficient the glass is.

The NZ building code now requires double glazing on most new houses and additions.

Types of Double Glazing

Retrofit double glazing Wellington and Lower Hutt

We can use your existing window frames and replace your single glaze glass with double glazing.

You get to keep your existing look and save money while having superior widows installed!

Colonial Double Glazing Lower Hutt and Wellington

Keep the character of your colonial style windows with our double glazing service. We can do a retrofit double glazing in Wellington and Lower Hutt regions on leadlight windows, stained and colored glass and double hung sash windows using quality double glazed glass.

Reduces Outside Noise

Double glazing in Wellington and Double Hutt gives your windows an additional layer of protection and reduces the noise from outside.

Increases the Security of Your Home

Many intruders enter homes by way of older style windows. Secure windows fitted with double glazed glass will deter would-be burglars.

For more information on double glazing Wellington and Lower Hutt homes, contact us today at Absolute Glass Wellington.