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Why You Need Mirror Replacement

While mirrors are mainly used to check your reflection, they are also beautiful additions to any home. A good quality mirror can make any room look larger, brighter and lighter. As specialists in mirror and glass repairs Wellington areas, we are often asked when mirrors should be replaced. Here are some reasons that you may need mirror replacement:

The Mirror is Worn or Cracked

As with all home fixtures and fittings, mirrors can become worn over time. They can become discoloured, cracked, or broken. Worn mirrors can become unsightly, and any cracks can escalate and become a real safety concern. Urgent glass repairs in Wellington homes is vital for any mirror that is worn or cracked.

Bathroom Mirrors

Your bathroom mirror is perhaps the most often used mirror in your home. It has an important job to do! If the mirror is worn it may become difficult to do every-day grooming like shaving, flossing and putting on makeup. If your mirror is worn or cracked, we can easily replace or repair it. Contact us for all your mirror and glass repairs in Wellington regions at the first sign of damage.

Damaged Bathroom Doors that Need Glass Repairs in Wellington Areas

Often mirrors are used on shower doors and bathroom cabinet doors. These doors can become damaged by water and steam over time. If the mirrors shatter while showering this can result in major injury. Custom glass repairs in Lower Hutt and Wellington homes will ensure that the mirrors on bathroom doors and cabinets are in good working order.


Always replace or repair any chipped or cracked glass or mirrors in your home. It can be incredibly dangerous for you and your family if the mirror shatters. At Absolute Glass we specialise in window repairs, glass repairs and double glazing Wellington and Lower Hutt Areas. For same day installation on all mirrors and glass repairs Lower Hutt and Wellington contact us.

5 Signs You Should Repair Your Glass

In many New Zealand homes, windows are able to be repaired rather than fully replaced. Windows suffer wear and tear and may not receive any maintenance. As professionals in glass repairs in Wellington and surrounds, and double-glazing in Wellington and surrounds, we are often asked how to tell when glass needs repair. Here are 5 signs that you should repair your glass:

  1. Your Windows are Leaking

If water is coming inside through your window, this is an obvious sign that the window needs repair. At Absolute Glass Wellington we will seal the window before the problem escalates and causes damage to your walls and the interior of your home.

  1. It Is Hard to Open or Close Your Windows

This is a sign that the glass in your window needs repair.

  1. Your Windows Become Foggy Often

This can mean that there are gaps in your windows which are letting in air. This can also cause insulation problems and leave you with a high electricity bill. If this occurs call us for window repairs in Wellington and Lower Hutt regions.

  1. Your Power Bill Has Escalated

When your power bill has increased suddenly, this may mean that cool air is getting into your home in the winter, or warm air is coming into your home in the summer via gaps in the windows. Windows need urgent repair or replacement in these circumstances.

Double glazing Wellington and Lower Hutt windows provides great insulation benefits. Installing double glazed windows will see your power bill drop dramatically. We have a 10-year guarantee on our quality double glazed units.

  1. You Are Having Heating or Cooling Problems

If your heating or cooling is ineffective, warm air may be escaping through gaps in the windows in winter. In summer, the hot air can come inside. It can be impossible for your heat pump to keep up. Organising glass repairs in Lower Hutt and Wellington through Absolute Glass will get your home back to a comfortable temperature again. For quality insulation, double glazing gives the best results.

Having fully functional windows ensures that your home is more secure and is protected from damage and your insulation is working at its peak. For same day quality glass repairs in Lower Hutt and Wellington contact us at Absolute Glass.

Why Choosing a Glass Splash Back is the Best Option for Your Kitchen?

Glass splashbacks provide your kitchen protection against splashes and spills. They look great and are easy to clean. There is a wide range of options available, and glass splash backs are fully customisable. Choosing a glass splash back really is the best option for your kitchen in New Zealand and overseas.

Stylish Appearance

A glass splashback gives your home a modern finish and look and will suit any décor. We offer a range of glass splashbacks Wellington and Lower Hutt areas. There is a wide selection of colours, shapes, patterns and sizes available to suit every kitchen. Coloured glass reflects light, so a splashback will consequently add a lot of colour and light to your NZ kitchen.

Easy to Customise

Glass splashbacks can be easily customized to suit the shape of your kitchen. Holes for taps and plugs can be drilled, and both standard or non-standard sizes of glass splash back are available.

Flexibility to Suit Your Budget

If you are sticking to a tight budget you can save money by using splashbacks on a smaller area of the kitchen. For example, if your splashback is only installed on the stove area, it will be much cheaper than if you covered the entire wall.

Easy Maintenance

Glass splashbacks are easy to care for. They are very durable and there is no grout or mould to worry about – the glass can be quickly and easily cleaned with a wet cloth. As well as a backdrop glass splashbacks are terrific as a surface for cooking and chopping. They are clean and also heat resistant. If you put hot pans on toughened glass it will not crack or dent.

 A glass splash back will add value to your home which is great news whether you are living in the home or planning to sell. They are versatile and can protect your walls against spills and also are ideal for preparing meals on. For all glass splashbacks Wellington areas as well as Glass repairs Lower Hutt, and any other glazier needs, contact us today at Absolute Glass.

What Is Glass Balustrades and its Advantages?

Balustrades are an essential safety requirement on balconies, open staircases and around pools in New Zealand. Glass balustrades are becoming very popular. Of all the different types of glass balustrade Wellington affords, our products are high quality, stylish, well designed and aesthetically pleasing.

We are highly experienced at installing glass balustrades and also providing double glazing Lower Hutt and surrounds, as well as providing a host of other glazier services.

There are many advantages to having glass balustrades in a Wellington home.

They Match Any Décor

Glass balustrades will match any décor and will not take away from the design of a room or pool area. Frosted or tinted glass options are available if you prefer not to have completely clear glass. A glass balustrade gives a much more modern appearance to your home than a metal or wooden banister or pool fence.

Easy Maintenance

Glass balustrades will not show up dust as can happen with other types of balustrades. They are easily cleaned with a cloth and a little window cleaner product. When installing your balustrades Absolute Glass, Glazier Lower Hutt area will advise on the best way to clean and maintain them.


Glass will not rust. Our balustrades are made of a sturdy glass that will not easily shatter. They are termite resistant and durable- and at the same time look stunning.


As the glass is a solid sheet, unlike fencing, the balustrade is much safer for children who may otherwise try to climb in between gaps. Another benefit of glass is that children can be easily supervised in the pool or from balconies.

Glass balustrades are a reliable, safe and attractive feature. When choosing a glass balustrade Wellington residents prefer clear glass, or glass with a slight frosting. At Absolute Glass Wellington, we supply and install glass balustrades, as well as provide glass repairs Lower Hutt and surrounds, and Glazier and Double Glazing Wellington areas. Contact us today for more information!

Why Replace Old Windows With Double Glazing?

Double glazing is the process of sealing two panes of glass together with a layer of air or gas in between.

Double glazing Wellington homes maximise their thermal insulation, making homes 50-70% warmer in winter, and also keeping homes cooler in summer.

In older style character homes, new and existing colonial and lead lighting windows can be double glazed.

There is a host of benefits to installing double glazed windows! These include:

Keeps the Home Warm in Winter

Double glazed windows insulate your home against Wellington winters, by helping to stop the heat from escaping to outside.

Insulates Against the Heat in Summer

In summer double glazing stops the heat outside from coming in through the windows.

Keeps Electricity Prices Down

Timber double glazing as well as aluminum double glazing puts your home at a more comfortable temperature. You use less heating and air-conditioning thus reducing your electricity bills.

Reduces Noise

Doubled glazed windows are essentially three layers of sound protection rather than just one. The gap in between the layers also contributes to eliminating noise. A single sheet of glass allows much of the outside noise inside.

Reduces Condensation

Condensation in winter can occur as a result of air condensing on the colder surface of a single pane of glass. Double glazing Wellington houses can help to stop this problem in all rooms including bathrooms.

Great for Resale

When selling your property the insulation benefits, reduced electricity costs, noise reduction, and reduced condensation are all factors that prospective buyers like to see, making for a quicker sale.

Double glazing is great for insulation, noise reduction, keeping your electricity costs down and eliminating condensation. It is a selling point when you are looking to sell the property. Your existing window design can remain intact if you choose. It is perfect for colonial double glazing, timber double glazing, older character homes, and also for lead lighting style windows. To know more about double glazing services, Contact Us!